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The Rex Weber Show: Coming March 7

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Rex Weber Show Teaser

Coming soon: the only podcasting robot in the world. (Probably.)

Marti Shovel Is Trying to Book Some Celebrities

Marti Shovel has given up on interviewing 70s TV star Kate Jackson, but she hasn't given up on EVERY 70s TV star. You'd think this would yield quite an episode. But no. Still-brokenhearted co-host, Rex Weber, has another meltdown before anything of value can even be recorded for this episode of the Marti Shovel Show.

Marti Shovel Is Trying to Find a Job

There's a reason Marti Shovel doesn't have a new podcast episode this week. It's a terrible reason, and she's not happy about it, but. It's a reason nonetheless.

Marti Shovel Is Trying Out a Podcast Intro

Marti Shovel has added an introduction to the podcast, which is a great way to sound more professional. In addition to outing her bank manager-brother as the father of a teenager's baby, Marti Shovel scores an amazing interview with fellow Midvalley Motor Lodge resident Rex Weber (formerly known as KTEL-Droid 3.5). This quickly turns disastrous and effectively ends the episode.

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Marti Shovel Is Trying to Look Ahead

Marti Shovel thinks that things are really starting to move along with her podcast. And they are. Sort of.

Marti Shovel Is Trying to Make a Podcast

In Episode 1 of Marti Shovel Is Trying, Marti Shovel introduces herself and lays out her hopes and dreams regarding the podcast she is hosting from her room on the second floor of the Midvalley Motor Lodge on Highway 323.


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